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looking to grow your game this winter off season?

Join us this Winter for Impact Winter Sixes!

DATES: Sundays, December 3- January 28 (we will not have games on 12/24 & 12/31)


  • HIGH School Sixes: 10:00-11:00AM

  • MIDDLE School Sixes: 11:00am-12:00 PM

  • Youth (grades 3-5) sixes: 9am-10:00am

LOCATION: SuperKick Columbus, 409 Orangepoint Drive Lewis Center, OH 43035

COST: $315/player (Youth: $295/player)

AGES: Grades 6-12; we welcomes all levels of experience

players will be placed on teams and notified 1 week out of team placement & schedule. Players can request to be with specific teammates! 

Direct all requests to Jill at

Winter Sixes will be divided up into 2 parts; EDUCATE & EQUIP.


The first half of Winter Sixes, Weeks 1-3, also known as "EDUCATE" we will focus on teaching and implementing new concepts.


Weeks 4-7, "EQUIP" is where we will implement what we have learned over the past three weeks and build on each concept.


One of the most important pieces of Winter sixes is that there will be an extended 10 minute halftime where coaches will give feedback, answer questions, teach and really dive into specific areas of focus. Score will be kept and we will crown a champion at the end of the league.

*Please note: games will be "controlled." If there is an area where our coaches see mistakes happening consistently they will stop and teach regardless of the score to help educate our players on the why behind our sport. Through our Winter Sixes, players will be challenged to think fast, play fast and make decisions in tight spaces- all keys to the game of lacrosse!


Field Set Up: Our field setup will be 5v5 plus a goalie. Everyone will play every position, there are no restraining lines. We believe this style will ensure maximum touches and allow for a faster pace & higher scoring. We will play fast, creatively and challenge our players to build their tactical, technical, physical & psychological game. Players will come away with new knowledge of the game and better skills in small spaces. Come grow your game this off season at Impact Winter Sixes as we Educate, Empower & Equip you with all the tools to be successful on the Lacrosse field!!


Why Impact Sixes? Our fast paced, high scoring, instruction heavy, creative style of play will not only grow your IQ and decision making, but it will foster individual growth and challenge you to build your skill set in all of the necessary areas that make up the complete lacrosse player.


WEEKS 1-3: Players can expect to learn a different concept each week and we will build on that concept throughout game play.

WHAT TO EXPECT? 15 minute practice/32 minute game (4 x 8min quarters)/10 minute extended halftime


WEEKS 4-7: Players can expect to grow and develop in a controlled scrimmage environment building off the concepts taught in prior weeks. Coaches will also give additional areas of focus and double points will be awarded in game play if a goal is scored off that specific concept.

WHAT TO EXPECT? 10 minute stickwork/40 minute game (4 x 10min quarters)/10 minute extended halftime

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