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My experience with impact was...

Absolutely amazing! The coaches cared about us and gave great feedback. After every practice I walked out with something new learned. I love impact so much and thank you for the amazing year and ending off summer club season!

2023 Player

Amazing, I found passion for the sport again through playing for Impact.

2024 Player

Fantastic. Better than we could have imagined. We learned a ton our coaches were excellent.

2027 Parent

It challenged me to be a better player. The coaches and players were really nice and I feel like I made new long time friendships.

2028 Player

Impact Lacrosse is a very professional organization. Jill is kind, helpful, responsive to communication, and supportive of the girls development both on and off the field. Our coaches were wonderful. They are encouraging, supportive, and attentive. We can’t say enough nice things about them!

2025 Parent

Great! Communication was outstanding.

2028 Parent

Great. Coach Jill is great with instructing, teaching, advising, directing girls. Appreciate Jill's vast insight and knowledge of college coaches and ability to help girls figure out where they fit. 

2024 Parent

Excellent. Training was great and tournaments selected were perfect. Jill is amazing advocate for the girls as they navigate recruiting and just lacrosse life in general.

2024 Parent


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